Made through the foaming and extrusion of PVCs, YUHAN Foam Sheet has advantages like found in plastic orwoods. It can be easily cut or bended to be built in architectural structures and used as a material for commercial adver­ tising, heat insulation or sound-proofing. YUHAN Foam Sheet is the best interior design product that can be safely treated and installed, whether indoor or outdoor.


1~109101,820White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray


  • Thickness and dimension is variable by the demand of customers.
  • Color is available to meet the customer’s requirement


  • Light weight: Lighter than other kinds of materials thanks to the specific gravity of 0.75
  • Heat insulation : Excellent in heat insulation with low ther­ mal conductivity
  • Workability : Easy to be cut, processed, adhered, combined, welded, thermally treated orvacuum-moLded
  • Printability : Ideal for silk-screen printing and powder coating
  • Chemical resistance : Safe even under exposure to chemicals including acids and alkalis.


  • Architectural Finishing

    wall finish / ceiling finish/side finish for stairway / Light­ weight partition / top finish for the kitchen sink / balcony / built-in material for prefabricated building / material for sound-proofing and heat insulation
  • Interior Designing & Exhibition Space Construction

    side finish for the counter/waI丄 finish for the exhibition space / pa rtition/waLL interior finish/ material for the exhibition booth
  • Advertising

    sign base panellback panel)/POP panel/paneL for silk printing / channel sign / panel for advertising on the vehicle / POP for information sign / sign for the exhibition space / display stand for the shop / outdoor 3D sign / advertising sign / signboard / biUboard for shop decoration / information sign / traffic sign
  • Displaying

    silk printing(advertising) / silk decorating

Actual Applications of FOAM SHEET