Advantage of Sheet

YUHAN PVC Sheet is the products formed by using the special PVC Com­ pound developed by Youhan and producing suitable products conforms to the required color and the demand of customers. It has also superior formability for chemical industry and general industrial requiring the chemical resistance and softening temperature.

Dimension of SHEET KS M ISO 11833-1

Thickness Tolerance(%)Reference Weight(kg)Thickness Tolerance(%)Reference Weight(kg)
2.0 ±55.72 10.0 ±328.60
3.0 ±58.58 12.0 ±334.32
4.0 ±511.44 15.0 ±242.90
5.0 ±314.30 20.0 ±257.20
6.0 ±317.16 25.0 ±271.50
8.0 ±322.88 30.0 ±285.80


  • Weight is based on 1,000x2,000mm
  • Thickness and dimension is variable by the demand of customers(Standard width : 1,000 and 1,200 and 1,500mm)
  • Color is available to meet the customers requirement


  • Superior chemical resistance and oil resistance against Acid, Alkali and Oils.
  • Long Life span with excellent cold resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent Fire Retardant and self extinguish.
  • Easy to handle and economicaL.
  • Easy processing of cutting, bending, welding.
  • Excellent dielectric strength.


  • Various chemicaL tanks requiring chemical resistance and oil resistance.
  • Various interior materiaL with various color.
  • Various containers, electrolytic bath, exhaust ducts, etc.
  • For manufacturing machinery parts and processing parts.
  • Sewage disposal system other ducts.